From Sharepoint to WordPress

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Waypoint Advisory Services Logo

Waypoint’s previous site was on Microsoft Sharepoint. It’s not a terrible solution but rarely will we find someone that is excited about their Sharepoint website. The site was outdated in both style and information and didn’t reflect the quality of their industry-leading work. They also had a notice from Microsoft that their site would no longer be available after a future update. Time for a new site!

Put Your Best Face Forward

Our initial conversations focused on an upcoming conference where they would be highly visible and how they needed a revised, contemporary brand to present to prospective clients. The scope of work included:

  1. Style Guide
  2. One-page information sheet (sell-sheet)
  3. 2 conference banners
  4. Mobile-optimized WordPress website

Delivering a Complete Package

It was really fun to see this project come together and to provide a cohesive package of deliverables that excited them and really met their goals. We were able to meet the quick timelines and get everything ready in time for a successful conference.