Philip Crumpton and Family

Philip Crumpton

Owner / Founder

Keller, TX

Philip founded Firelight in 2013 with the immediate purpose of providing contract web development services and a personal desire to work remotely from home. He brings experience working with multiple design and marketing agencies to the Firelight team. Philip has grown a network of designers, developers, copywriters, and others who collaborate as needed to meet the needs of our clients.

He is married to his Beautiful Bride, Katy, and together they have four sons, Deron, Jude, Solomon, and Henry. They also have a very sweet dog named Peter!

Madhvi Joshi - Web Developer at Firelight Creative Development

Madhvi Joshi

Web Developer

Chicago, IL

Madhvi has been an invaluable addition to the team by showing incredible work ethic and adaptability. She loves learning and is always looking for ways to grow in her experience and try new things.

When Madhvi isn’t working, she likes to spend time with her family by watching movies or enjoying the outdoors.

Micky Cook, Web Developer in Fort Worth, TX

Micky Cook

Web Developer

Fort Worth, TX

Over the past 5 years Micky has worked with some of the smartest web developers in the industry and has brought this knowledge to the Firelight team. He loves developing interactive online experiences that make using the internet fun and accessible for everyone.

When not working, Micky can be found paddle boarding, playing tennis, or hanging out with friends and family.